Why Choose Us

Trozan Insurance Agency - your personal, local, health insurance agent in Colorado and surrounding states!


We are independent health insurance brokers – not simply agents who have to represent one company. That means we can shop and choose what is best for you among all companies.


When clients run into claims problems or need to appeal for an exception, we are there to guide them through the process. When your needs change, we look out for your best interests in getting the best coverage.


We love to answer your questions! Our goal is to make you an educated, well informed consumer. Your phone calls are our pleasure, not an interruption! Click here to meet our staff.


Being small, we give you better, more personalized service. You won't talk to a different person each time you call!


We'll guide you to the plan that best meets your unique needs. Whether you use our online tips & tools, email us or call us, we'll help you cut through the clutter and confusion of hundreds of plans in order to help you select the plan that best meets your needs.


Naturally, we'll give you the lowest rates available, but we'll do it honestly. We'll tell you not only about the strong points of a policy, but also about the weak parts. We won't secretly cut out important coverage just to make you think you're getting a good deal.


Over 50% of new agents quit within three years of starting in the business. That’s not so good for you. Our agency, on the other hand, has been in business for 30 years so you know we’ll be around when you need us. Experience, a long-term perspective, and wisdom are crucial in safeguarding your interests.

Small Business

Unlike other big, nationwide internet agencies, we give you the options you need in the following states Arizona, Colorado, North Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas & Wyoming with a truly local feel! We are not a mass production company, or a mega site providing an application, we are real people here to help you. This is important, because insurance laws and plan designs vary greatly from state to state. Bottom line, our information is more accurate and specific to your needs than the mega internet sites.

Note: Speaking of lowest rates, please be aware that insurance premiums are regulated by the Division of Insurance so you’ll pay exactly the same premium regardless of where you buy. Even if you buy over the faceless internet, or directly from the insurance carrier, your premium will be exactly the same as when you buy from a local health insurance broker. So why not buy local? By buying local you not only get a local broker who knows you, explains things to you, and helps you when there’s a problem, but your money supports the local economy right here in Colorado. Click here to learn about our low rate guarantee.

A member of the Better Business Bureau. We are proud to hold the highest rating that The BBB gives out... A+