Your New Medicare Card

NEW Medicare Card

OLD Medicare Card

10 Things to Know About Your New Medicare Card

  1. Mailing takes time: New cards are being issues beginning on the east coast. To view a map of the status by each state: Click Here
  2. Destroy your old Medicare card: Make sure claims are running smoothly with your new card number. Then shred your old card, don't just throw it away.
  3. Guard your card: Only give your new Medicare claim number to healthcare providers, insurers, or people you trust.
  4. Your Medicare Number is unique: The new number will no longer be your Social Security number. It is a random sequence of 11 letters & numbers.
  5. Your new card is still paper: Some people laminate their card. Cards that are worn out or lost can always be replaced.
  6. Keep your new card with you: Carry your new card to prove you have Medicare insurance coverage.
  7. Update your records: Show your new card to any healthcare providers. Claims will be processed under this your new number.
  8. Online Look Up: If you forget your new card, it is possible for your healthcare provider to look it up.
  9. Keep your Medicare Advantage Card: Your Medicare Advantage Plan ID card is still your main card for health insurance. However, a provider may also ask you to show your new Medicare card too.
  10. Medicare can help: If you haven't received a new card by April 2019. Call 1-(800) MEDICARE.

Does Social Security Know Your Current Address?

Medicare uses the name and address you have on file with Social Security.

To change your name and/or address, visit your online my Social Security account.

Wondering when your new card will arrive in the mail?

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This site also gives you the status of the roll out by state.

All existing Medicare beneficiaries should receive a new card before April 2019.