Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

What Information we Collect

As an essential part of doing business, we obtain certain personal information about you in order to provide an insurance product or service to you. Some of the information we receive, comes directly from you on applications or other forms, and may include information you provide while visiting our web site. With your written permission, we may also receive information from physicians, testing laboratories, and other health providers. The types of information we receive may include addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers, current and past medical history.

Privacy Policy:

What Information we Disclose

When you provide us with your personal information you are trusting us to keep it safe and confidential. We deeply appreciate your trust and are firmly committed to maintaining your privacy. As such, we will only disclose your personal information as permitted by law and only to the extent necessary to process your application or to provide service to you after your policy has gone into effect. Examples of such disclosure may include giving information to the insurance company, or with your consent or at your direction to your doctor’s office; disclosures made to your legal representative; disclosures made in response to a subpoena or an inquiry from an insurance or other regulatory authority.