Original Medicare - Part A and Part B

There are 2 parts to Original Medicare

Part A of Original Medicare
Part B of Original Medicare

Original Medicare in Colorado

Original Medicare is a government program that is your foundation. In addition there are three types of Medicare products available to you from private insurance companies.
Medigap—also known as Medicare Supplements

Part C: Medicare Advantage Plans

Part D: Prescription Drug Plans

Although marketed by private insurance, all three products are tightly regulated by government agencies.

It's a great start: Original Medicare in Colorado is a start but most people purchase additional coverage as there is significant financial exposure with Original Medicare alone. The good news is that the vast majority of doctors and hospital accept Medicare.

Part A:

Part A is inpatient hospital coverage, skilled nursing home, and home health care. There is no cost for people who paid Medicare payroll taxes for the required 40 quarters.

If you are hospitalized in 2019, you will pay a deductible of $1364. After 60 days in the hospital, you must pay a copay of $341 per day, and after 90 days you would pay a copay of $682 per day.

Part B:

Part B is outpatient medical coverage for doctor visits, lab and X-rays, outpatient surgery, therapy, durable medical equipment, and more. There is a premium to pay for Part B of Medicare.

If you have outpatient medical expenses in 2019, you will first pay a deductible of $185 for the year. After that you must pay 20% of “Medicare approved” amounts. In addition, you would be responsible for up to 15% of the doctor’s charges above what Medicare approves, unless the doctor accepts “Medicare assignment.” There is no limit to how much you would be responsible to pay if you only had Medicare by itself. That is why most people sign up for a Medigap plan or a Medicare Advantage.

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How Do I Enroll in Medicare in Colorado?

If you are already drawing Social Security benefits, it’s done for you! You will automatically receive your red, white & blue Medicare card in the mail about 3 months before your birthday month.

However, if you are not in the Social Security system yet, you will need to actively enroll yourself. You can enroll for Medicare in Colorado online, by phone, or in person at your local Social Security office.

If you worked past 65 and are just now enrolling for Original Medicare, there is some additional paperwork required that takes away the online enrollment option. You will need to have your employer submit proof that you had group insurance since turning 65 in order to avoid late enrollment penalties.

Here is a detailed discussion of how to apply for Medicare.

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10 Things to Know About Your New Medicare Card

  1. Mailing takes time: New cards are being issues beginning on the east coast. To view a map of the status by each state: CLICK HERE
  2. Destroy your old Medicare card: Make sure claims are running smoothly with your new card number. Then shred your old card, don't just throw it away.
  3. Guard your card: Only give your new Medicare claim number to healthcare providers, insurers, or people you trust.
  4. Your Medicare Number is unique: The new number will no longer be your Social Security number. It is a random sequence of 11 letters & numbers.
  5. Your new card is still paper: Some people laminate their card. Cards that are worn out or lost can always be replaced.
  6. Keep your new card with you: Carry your new card to prove you have Medicare insurance coverage.
  7. Update your records: Show your new card to any healthcare providers. Claims will be processed under this your new number.
  8. Online Look Up: If you forget your new card, it is possible for your healthcare provider to look it up.
  9. Keep your Medicare Advantage Card: Your Medicare Advantage Plan ID card is still your main card for health insurance. However, a provider may also ask you to show your new Medicare card too.
  10. Medicare can help: If you haven't received a new card by April 2019. Call 1-800-MEDICARE.

Get an Email when Your New Medicare Card is in the Mail

Wondering when your new card will arrive in the mail?

Enter your email on the Medicare.gov site and be notified! CLICK HERE

This site also gives you the status of the roll out by state.

All existing Medicare beneficiaries should receive a new card before April 2019.

Drawing Social Security Disability?

If you are drawing Social Security because of a disability, you should receive your Medicare card about 3 months before your 25th month of disability benefits.

We can help you find a Medigap policy during your one-time 6-month open enrollment period, which starts with the month in which your Colorado Medicare begins.

If you miss this deadline, all is not lost. We can still get you enrolled into a Medicare Advantage Plan each year from October 15th through December 7th.

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