Medicare alphabet soup! Ready to learn your A, B, C–and D’s?

There are four Parts to the Medicare law.

Part A: Covers inpatient hospitalization; Skilled Nursing Facility; Home Health Care; Hospice.

Part B: Covers pretty much everything else that is not covered by Part A, such as doctor visits, lab work, X-rays, ambulance and emergency room.
Exception: Prescription drugs are covered by Part D.

Part C: This is a new type of plan called a Medicare Advantage which takes over for Original Medicare. These plans typically require you to see “network” doctors and other providers. For a fuller explanation about Medicare Advantage, click here.

Part D: Part D of Medicare covers prescription drugs. For a fuller explanation about Part D Prescription Drug Plans, click here.

Even More Alphabet Soup! There are more letters in the Medicare Alphabet soup. The government has standardized the Medicare supplement plans offered by private insurance companies so people can compare apples to apples. These plans are labeled Plans A through N. For a full explanation about Medicare Supplements, click here.



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