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Over the years I have constantly interacted with people that are worried and confused about their Medicare options. I get great satisfaction when a worried frown is replaced with a broad smile of relief as people leave my office thanking me for finally making Medicare clear and understandable.

I love educating people about Medicare topics! My blogs and website will give you practical tips and clarifying information about how to get the most out of Medicare, the various Medicare products available, and how to select the plan most appropriate for your unique needs. If you find you have more questions or need our expertise to address your specific needs, please contact me or my staff. We look forward to serving you!



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Some Advice Now That Colorado is Starting to Get New Medicare Cards

Medicare has just announced that they have begun mailing new Medicare cards to Colorado residents. The new cards are designed to help protect your identity by using randomly generated numbers and letters, in place of your Social Security number.

The Colorado mailing will take about a month to complete, so your friend or neighbor may receive their card before you. But if you haven’t received your new card by the beginning of November, contact Social Security (they coordinate with Medicare) at 1-800-772-1213. If you have moved after enrolling in Medicare, make sure that Social Security has your current address.

While Medicare is instructing everyone to destroy their old card once the new card has arrived,

my advice is—DON’T! Here’s why. read more…


12 Money Savings Tips For Medication

At this time of year, some people may notice the cost of their medications going up when they get refills.

This may be because they have recently entered the dreaded “donut-hole” phase of their Part D plan.

Here are 12 strategies to save money on prescriptions… read more…


Medicare alphabet soup: There are four Parts to the Medicare law.
Ready to learn your A, B, C
and D’s?

In addition to original Medicare law under the Social Security Act, there are more letters in the Medicare Alphabet soup. The government has standardized the Medicare supplement plans … read more…


Have an HSA? Watch out for Medicare’s retroactive benefit trap

Those of us who have a Health Savings Account (HSA) appreciate and love the triple tax benefits that HSAs provide. First, the money you put into an HSA is tax deductible (or pre-tax if made through payroll deduction.) Second, your contributions grow tax-free. And third, money you take out from an HSA is tax-free so long as you spend it on qualifying medical expenses. Many financial planners maintain its one of the best—if not the best—tax avoidance instrument available to the average investor.

However, those approaching age 65—the age for Medicare eligibility need to be aware of two times when they are at major risk of being tripped up by …read more…


Three Times when you should “fold ’em” with Medicare

It’s important to analyze Medicare options prior to signing up

Kenny Roger’s classic song, The Gambler, offers sage advice for gamblers. Medicare beneficiaries can learn from it as well.

Most people mistakenly think they are required to sign up for Medicare when turning 65. While usually true, there are some important exceptions…  read more…



How to get Medical Coverage While Traveling Outside the U.S.

Summertime is the peak travel season when many people choose to vacation outside the United States. Naturally, you’ll buy your airline tickets, pack your suitcase, and bring your passport. While you’re at it, don’t forget to consider how you’ll pay for medical emergencies that may occur while traveling abroad.

While Original Medicare does not cover you outside of the United States (except for very rare circumstances), there are still several ways you can get coverage for emergency care. read more…


More Details Emerge on Trump’s Multi-Pronged Plan to Cut Drug Prices

As drug prices continue to spike upwards at an ever-increasing rate, President Trump, on May 11, announced a slew of 50 proposals to lower drug prices. This blueprint, dubbed American Patients First, while low on details, promises to be just the opening salvo in an ongoing initiative to lower drug costs for consumers. For a mainstream reporting on Trump’s list of ideas to bring down drug prices see this CBS News report:

For a more nuanced and in-depth analysis of Trump’s proposals that have a good shot at bringing down drug prices, along with those that less likely to work, see the following Forbes article:

One of the more promising ideas to lower drug prices ….read more…


Finally! Social Security Numbers to be Removed from all Medicare Cards

Medicare beneficiaries have complained for years about having their Social Security number on Medicare cards. Their concerns are finally being addressed, as the familiar red, white and blue Medicare card finally gets a makeover after half a century.

Starting in April, the government will begin the monumental task of mailing out new Medicare cards to every single person on Medicare—that’s 57.7 million Medicare beneficiaries. The new cards will no longer contain your Social Security number, something that was a matter of growing concern in an age of pervasive identity theft. Instead, the new Medicare cards will contain a combination of randomly generated numbers and letters that will become your new unique Medicare Number. read more…


Medicare Plan Termination by Rocky Mountain Health Plans is Actually a Golden Opportunity

You may know some of the over 700 individuals that might feel they received some bad news in the last two weeks—a letter notifying them that Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP) will terminate their Cost-plan Medicare policies in Northern Colorado effective January 1, 2018. But this is actually a golden opportunity! read more…


Medicaid to Millionaires Must Stop

In a recent appearance at CSU, Senator Michael Bennet denounced Congress’ attempt to revamp and improve the failed Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as Obamacare. Bennet appeared most unhappy that fewer people would qualify for Medicaid coverage. Voters might be better served if Bennet would explain why he voted for a law that allows millionaires to get Medicaid.
When the ACA was passed, it ushered in a sweeping new definition of “poverty.” Obamacare did away with the long-standing practice of … read more…


Final 2017 numbers for Social Security COLA and Medicare Premium Increases

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) — The agency that oversees Medicare and Social Security-recently announced the final figures on 2017 cost of living increases for Social Security and new Medicare premiums and deductibles.

Social Security recipients will receive a tiny 0.3% cost of living adjustment (COLA) increase for 2017. This would increase the average Social Security benefit of $1355 by about $4 per month in 2017. Most people, however, read more…


Social Security Benefits and Medicare Premiums may be going up in 2017

Social Security benefits are projected to increase by a tiny amount in 2017. The 0.2% COLA increase projected by the Social Security Trustees report released on June 22 of this year, would theoretically, increase the average Social Security benefit of  $1350 by $2.70 per month in 2017. But Social Security recipients won’t actually see that money in their pocket… read more…


Think About Provider Network When Choosing a Health Policy

Most buyers of health insurance fall into two camps:

  • Those who want the least expensive plan possible. This group generally is mostly interested in the small stuff—getting their annual physical and lab work covered and maybe a visit or two to be treated for an infection. These tend to be the young, healthy invincibles. They’re not choosy about who their medical provider is and are often willing to have a doctor assigned to them, thus they gravitate to the more restrictive HMO plans.
  • Those who look for the finest doctors available no matter where they are located. They are selective not only about their primary care doctor, but also about the specialists that are available in their network. If they need surgery or get cancer, they want the ability to go to the best doctors and hospitals nationwide. These tend to be people that are getting older and realize that their odds of needing specialized, expensive care is increasing rapidly. They gravitate to the PPO plans…
    read more…


Medicare Choices Open up in October

Medicare open enrollment season is right around the corner. Beginning October 15th and ending December 7th, open enrollment provides Medicare beneficiaries with several choices. The two main decisions to make are whether to couple a Medicare Supplement with Original Medicare or opt for one of the newer Medicare Advantage Plans… read more…


Authorizing others to help with your insurance matters

Let’s say that Eleanor Rigby struggles to make sense of all her doctor bills and explanation of benefits from the insurance company. Something about those bills is not making sense and since she has no friends or relatives nearby, she asks her priest, Father McKenzie, to call her insurance company to help her make sense of her insurance claims. Unfortunately, Father McKenzie is stymied as the insurance company refuses to give him any information due to HIPAA confidentiality provisions… read more…


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