Peter Trozan

  • Peter Trozan

    Peter Trozan, Trozan Insurance Agency, Inc.

When I opened my health insurance agency specializing in health insurance 27 years ago, I was guided by a principle I learned from my father: To act with honesty and integrity and always tell the truth.

Here is how I learned this life-long lesson. My parents fled the Soviet Union during WWII, later moving to Argentina after the war, and eventually, to the USA. My father was a superb mechanical engineer who worked in a government position where he was responsible for handing out building contracts to construction companies.

Often, he was offered bribes by the construction companies so they could win the bid. The temptation to accept the bribes was high because the official government salary was so poor -- we literally lived in poverty. In Argentina, taking bribes was the expected norm to supplement one’s meager government wages.

I am so proud of my dad for never accepting bribes, and choosing, instead, to pay the price of poverty so he could keep his integrity and stay true to his Christian principles. My father’s lesson in honesty and integrity—even when it hurt him, was indelibly burned into my mind.

I don’t see myself as a salesman—I’m awful at talking anyone into buying anything. But I am good at educating. I work really hard at understanding how each company’s plan works and then I explain those plans in clear, understandable terms. I make sure my clients understand how insurance works and what they are buying.

In my presentations, I will make sure you know not only the good about the plan (that’s what the insurance company wants me to tell you), but I also point out the weaknesses--that’s what you need to know to make a fully educated decision.

There are several reasons why I go the extra mile to make sure people fully understand the policy they are buying:

First, is my belief that a fully informed consumer can make a better decision as to what plan is best for their specific needs, as opposed to an agent who is “steering” the client toward what the agent thinks may be best.

Second, I derive tremendous joy in educating people about Medicare insurance. Often, people will come in looking worried and confused about their Medicare options. I feel incredibly gratified when a worried frown is replaced with a broad smile of relief as, over and over, people tell me “for the first time in my life I understand how Medicare works!”

I’m an independent spirit, who is always seeking out the best deal and the best angle to help my clients. That’s why I could never work as a “captive agent” representing just one company.

As a Fort Collins independent health insurance broker, I am able to pick and choose from the best plans of each carrier, and craft a policy that is truly tailored to best meet your needs. Often, I have saved people hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year.

Early in my working career I had spent four years working for the Social Security Administration as a Claims Representative. My years with Social Security have given me a valuable knowledge base that has allowed me to better help my Social Security and Medicare eligible clients.

After work and on weekends, I enjoy working in my vegetable garden. I find the simple act of running my fingers thru the dirt to be a great stress reliever!

Most of all I enjoy talking and hanging out with my wife and two sons. Whether it’s playing board games or watching a movie together—I find that the simplest pleasures are the best.