LeAnne Trozan

  • LeAnne Trozan

    LeAnne Trozan, Trozan Insurance Agency, Inc.

I like to think of Trozan Insurance Agency as a “mom-and-pop shop” in the most positive sense of the phrase. Over the years, the tight partnership between Peter and I has extended beyond our marriage to a service-oriented business where our top priority is to help people.

I trust my husband implicitly as I have observed the integrity and thoroughness in which he does his work as an independent health insurance broker and Medicare specialist. As for me, I have always been involved with Trozan Insurance Agency in some capacity or other--whether it be bookkeeping, computer, or front desk work. In the early days, I felt my top priority was being a mom to our two boys, and we often joked about being self-unemployed.

As I look back I can see that all our life-experiences contribute to one’s development and skill sets. Having been a mother and former English teacher and now a licensed independent health insurance broker specializing in Medicare products, I’ve become very adept at juggling many activities at once. I am continually amazed each and every day that if I just show up, do my best to serve others and to meet their needs, that things fall into place for us as well.

My days are filled with multiple tasks: from educating people about Medicare options for their insurance, strategizing on the best course of action, processing applications, answering policyholder questions, and straightening out problems. I feel it is my own personal crusade to advocate for people while dealing with the various departments within large insurance companies in order to expedite many requests.

By far, the greatest satisfaction I get in being an independent Medicare broker is being thanked by so many people who appreciate our efforts on their behalf. We have met such a wide variety of fascinating people from many walks of life, each with their own story to tell.